Venetian Polished Plaster | Original Lime vs. Synthetic

VENETIAN POLISHED PLASTER | ORIGINAL LIME VS. SYNTHETIC ‘Venetian polished plaster’, ‘Venetian plaster’ or ‘polished plaster’ is not just one type of finish or wall coating, it is a term which is widely used to describe a variety of finishes that are associated with the beautiful Italian City of Venice. Most applicators, designers and architects…
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Concrete Feature Walls in Interior Design | Design Attributes

CONCRETE FEATURE WALLS IN ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN | DESIGN ATTRIBUTES The use of concrete features indoors is not a new trend in Australian architecture. Nowadays many new buildings being constructed contain some element of exposed concrete to internal faces whether it is concrete floors, exposed concrete panels or concrete bench tops. However, what if…
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INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE FEATURE WALL IN RICHMOND. When you think of concrete you think plain old grey concrete footpaths, buildings and bridges but when you think of Venetian plaster concrete feature walls what do you think? This stunning townhouse in Richmond received a Grey Concrete Finish feature wall earlier this year during renovation of the entire…
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