Armourcoat Polished Plaster

San Marco Deco Painting Contractors strives in creating exclusive decorative finishes in all contexts of construction ranging from domestic to commercial applications. Our aim is to satisfy our clients in providing them with the best solutions, alternatives and recommendations to beautify their surroundings, creating armourcoat concrete walls  something that is truly breathtaking.

Suggested applications:

 Original armourcoat Venetian Polished Plaster is an interior finish which can be applied over plasterboard, cement sheet and solid walls .When finished armourcoat Polished Plaster produces a highly polished plaster effect.

San Macro Provides Best  armourcoat plaster Melbourne services. Original Venetian Polished Plaster creates rooms that live and breathe colour and are extremely eye catching. The product is applied with atleast two coats using a highly polished stainless steel trowel. The depth and intensity of the finish combined with the movement between colour shades and high gloss reflection are trademark features of Original Venetian Polished Plaster.

When applied, Original Venetian Polished Plaster in contact with the atmosphere, thus enabling it to cure. During this stage of carbonization it returns to the same rock form from when it was initially extracted from the earth prior to manufacturing.


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