Lime Wash

Suggested applications: Lime Wash or Antica Calce is an interior lime wash and exterior lime wash finish that can be applied to plasterboard, cement sheet, solid walls, brickwork, render and polystyrene. It has excellent permeability and is able to withstand the elements.

Colours: Colours from Dulux and Wattyl available*.

Material composition: Lime Wash is a mineral base paint product.

Lime Wash or Antica Calce is a mineral wall and ceiling paint which can be applied to interiors and exteriors. It has a mineral composition which enables the decorator to achieve an antique finish reminiscent of the traditional shaded matte finish of lime. Each time it is applied a different finish is achieved due to the uniqueness of its subtle matte texture. Lime Wash bonds well with the substrate to which it is being applied and has a high level of permeability due to its mineral nature. This enables the product to resist changes in weather, whilst retaining a unique appearance over time. Lime wash is applied with at least two coats using a large brush or application pad. San Marco is the best lime wash paint suppliers in Melbourne.

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