Concrete Wall

Suggested applications: colored plaster walls or Grey Concrete Finish is an interior and exterior finish that can be applied to plasterboard, cement sheet, solid walls, brickwork, render and polystyrene. It has excellent breathability and strengthens with age. Concrete Wall can be highly polished or reflect a subtle sheen depending on the requirements set by our clients.

Colours: Colours from Dulux and Wattyl available*.

Material composition: Concrete Wall is a lime base product.

Concrete Wall or Grey coloured plaster finishes is a lime base interior and exterior wall coating that enables the decorator to achieve a polished concrete wall effect. Concrete Wall is able to resist moisture and humidity and is highly breathable. Concrete Wall is applied with at least two coats using a stainless steel trowel. It is naturally grey but with the addition of tinters it is able to achieve a deeper shade, moving to darker greys. This seamless finish is aimed at creating the impression of cast concrete and can be tailored to a highly polished finish or a weathered and distressed pitted concrete wall. Concrete finish melbourne Wall can also be produced in panels to reflect large blocks.  This new finish is inline and even goes beyond modern architecture.

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